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Posted at 1:46 pm on a Saturday
first of all i’m writing this to everyone that i know , i want everyone to take care of my cats ! most of all pépita i never had real friends when i was young pépita was always there for me and i love her to death i didn’t enjoy my life quite alot  , but El hamdoulah i love my religion i love Islam ♥  love my sisters and my mom  and dad  ! i learned happiness with them ever there was alot of shit and problems  this is part one ♥
Posted at 3:13 pm on a Friday
everyone around me is dying people are dying with a simple reason    i’m really scared  may god bless everyone Inchaa allah ♥
Posted at 6:32 am on a Sunday
you make me glow but i’ll cover up won’t let it show :(
Posted at 4:22 pm on a Friday
this is so me when i move to LA
Posted at 4:02 pm on a Friday
the worst periode of my life
Posted at 6:53 am on a Monday
hey so it’s been forever , i’m happy in my life Hmd , i’m over alot of things and i’m 16 YAY !! anyways i’ll be here often
Posted at 2:29 pm on a Saturday
let’s hope for the best
Posted at 3:18 pm on a Saturday

yummy foods that are actually good for you
"fuck the grades LOL i’m gonna die"
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Posted at 2:22 pm on a Saturday